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Timekeeping not only for fire and sport matches with time ...
Fireman timer & Countdown & Clock & Thermometer & Agility
Scoreboard & Stopwatch & Displej on RS232 & own functions


Two-row segments of high-bright LEDs.
Height of figures 17cm.
Completely made of stainless steel.
Power from 220V / 12V adapter or car battery.
Consumption max. 350mA at 12V
Switching functions with the control buttons.
Processing results in PC via RS232 (free).
Free firmware update.
Included is a power adapter, a car battery cable, 5m cable with control buttons and connectors (can be customized).
Set and save the brightness of the display, replacing the sides.
Dimensions: 270 x 920 x 270 x 40mm
Mounting 4x M6.
Wireless control solution possible.
It is possible to add an MP3 playback module.
Minor program edits available on request.

Price about 400Euro.

Manual ALLinONE... here...

Manual ALLinONE SDH 4tracks... here...

Current pricelist with photo... here...

Video on Youtube.. here...

Warranty: 24 months.  


Individual features with a score counter:

F1 - Score score for sports matches 0-99 points.
F2 - Score score 0-99. In the middle there is a time of 0-99min with the possibility of re-starting and setting of any time.
F3 - Tennis Score Indicator (0-15-30-40-A) including 0-6 Gems
F4 - Stopwatch 0-99min 59sec triggered and stopped by the same button or optical sensors (suitable for agility).
F5 - Fireman Timer. Just connect the starter gun or the acoustic switch and the spatter target (s). The shot from the gun starts the time and runs until the attack is completed. After stopping, the total time and short time of the faster attack with L or P is displayed.
F6 - Alternately displays Temperature - Time - Date (clock can be set in this function)
F7 - Double stop for relay 0-9min 59sec. After the start of the run time and intersection of the optical gates, the times are alternately displayed with L or P.
F8 - Countdown of set and stored time up to 99h 59min with audio output.
F9 - Stopwatch 0-99 hours or custom feature.
F10 - Serves as a display to display data and characters from PC or other devices via RS232 (switches automatically after receiving data).



Version stopwatch ALLinONE SDH for 2/4 tracks.

This timekeeping is primarily designed for firefighting competitions and sports. Function 1 is for fire attack and final times with  appear when the attack is labeled L or P. Function 2 is to set the pre-set time in the adjustable range
1-60 minutes. This value is stored in the timekeeping memory. When the set time has elapsed, the siren and a
 timer switches to Function 1 by pressing the button. You can start an attack during the preparation time. Function 3 is    a stopwatch of max. 9min 59sec for 2 or 4 tracks. The number of tracks is selected when the timekeeping is started, and the settings are stored in the memory. Function 4 alternately displays Temperature-Time-Date. Function 5 Simple long stops 0-99h. Function 6 Simple, long-lasting stopwatch 0-99hours where the time of the opt-coupler intersects with sending time to the PC. Function 7 is for AGILITY.

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