Display examples of each function in daylight with blue and red timer.
 Timers with adjustable time countdown, acoustic signaling and measurement of time exceeding for operation for f. AISIN Europe manufakturing Czech s.r.o.
Complete set of SDH timers, including optocoupler, wireless and cable solution, acoustic switch, start button and wiring for injection targets. Battery charging starter opener with a range of 15m.
Complete set of ALLinONE for agility with 4 sensors for small and large dogs with use for firefighters.
Double-row timer with battery-powered, wireless acoustic switch. The targets are attached to the timekeeper.
 Final times on blue and red single-row timekeepers. Complete set of double-row stopwatch for Horní Ředice
Timer for downhill skiing and wireless lever start with a range of 500m powered by a battery and a target opto-barrier with a range of up to 15m. The times are sent via RS232 to the PC.
 Basic set of ALLinONE SDH wireless timers in both available sizes.
 Example of an acoustic switch protected against the firing of gases from a pistol.
 Now only double segments are produced from high-brightness LEDs for better visibility.
 Blue double segments.
Cabling to 110m spray targets with LED lights and level switches. They can also be magnetic switches.
ALLinONE timepiece in two different sizes.
 Climbing timepiece on a bouldering wall with footboards and connecting cabling. It includes a start button, a siren, a spilled start announcement and a reaction time display.
  Small stopwatch with durable Stop button and siren.       Remote controlled lecture time countdowns.
 My timepieces are used by Martin Sanchez in the USA for various games and entertainment facilities. These score counters, countdowns and points for Skee-ball can play MP3s according to the points achieved.
 Roll-A-Ball Atari arcade game.
 2-digit, adjustable time countdown 1-99sec with acoustic signaling. Anything can be switched instead of a siren.
  Battery-powered, rechargeable wireless acoustic switch. ALLinONE SCORE remote control timer
SDH Holice 4-track wireless / cable with 4 optocouplers         and a small training, wireless set of timers.
Complete set of two-line timers ALLinONE for SH ČMS Český Krumlov. It includes wireless control, 100m cable, two optocouplers including tripods, starting pistol, acoustic switch and aluminum targets-clips. Newly added are 2 functions, a score indicator eg for football with a countdown (it is also possible count up the time) and a score indicator for tennis. A total of 10 different functions.