Display examples of each function in daylight with blue and red timer.
      Greeting and displays test. Function 1 score display example for volleyball, football and other sports.
                            Function 2 showing the score and time for football and other games.
      Function 3 display the score for tennis with gems 0-9, which are repeated over and over again to reset.
                   Function 4 is stopwatch 0-99min59sec. Can repeatedly start and stop button to start.
       Function 5  timekeeping.  After stopping displays the winning time and short time with labeled L / P.
        Function 6   Alternately display time / date / temperature with  temperature correction +/- 2˚C.
               Function 7    Relay after crossing optical sensors alternately displays times labeled L and P
            Funkce 8   Countdown time with the audio signal. You can set 1min to 99hour and 59min.
  Funkce 9 reserve and temperature correction in the Function 6 and example sound (acoustic) switches.
            Control buttons with connectors for spraying targets, optical sensor, audio switch and power.