In my job, I learned to program, maintain and operate these machines and equipment .....

I have passed IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 training and become the holder of this certificate.

Programming and maintenance for FUJI AIMEX machines , Assembleon XII OPAL, TOPAZ Assembleon XII FNC. AIMEX is able to assemble two robots to 50000 parts per hour and the installation of this machine was made in February 2011 as the first in Europe.
The programming and maintenance for selective soldering PILLARHOUSE 600th Orissa For several years I served the solder wave SEHO the 1135th

Programming of automatic optical inspection AOI MIRTEC MV-loaded 2HTL control PCB. Recently, the trainee with a colleague on the programming in-line optical inspection Goepel Opticon. This device has a measurement of the laser and camera components, capable to side view and rotate through 360 degrees.

Design stencils and programs in-line screen printing machine Speedline MPM. For repairs and replacements PCB using BGA repair station PACE TF-1700

 Previously, I worked on and programmed pick and place machine  CONTACT SYSTEM CS3. In December 2012, I was trained on an X-ray radiography Nordson Dage XD7600.

Programming and maintenance FUJI NXT II modules M6 and AIMEX IIIC

Pillarhouse JADE-MK2                                             3D SPI and AOI SAKI BF-3Si (BF-3Di)