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 Harley-Davidson LED cluster bullet turn signals inserts. Cena 700kč/ks (26Euro). 
Inserts to Harley-Davidson lights. Color choice. Set up with high-bright LEDs. The red side light has two brightness levels of the OBRYS-BRAKE.
Remote control of feed hoppers, controlling conveyors directly from the carcass. Price 340Euro
Displej WH4002A 2x40 s procesorem PIC16C63A, modulem AUREL, IR senzorem.Nové,mám 4ks. Cca 120kč.
Linear backup source PULSAR AWZ224 (45Euro)  Monitoring system MS5D dataloger COMET (offer)
FANUC boards A16B-1212-053, A16B-2200-091, A16B-2201-0320, A16B-2201-039  Price: offer
 3pcs RELE SIEMENS  3TK2022-6AH2   2NO+2NC, AC 48V   230V/ 2.5kw. NEW, Price: 5Euro
TELEMECANIQUE LC1 D09 01 contactor with LR2 D1310 and relays LA1 DN22. Current 4-6A. Price about 30Euro.
 2ks contactor TELEMECANIQUE LC1 D09 01.220V/2.2kw.  
Control board of ALLinONE. Example of connection HERE. The price programmed, tested PCB is 80Euro.
Remote wireless modules with a range of 150m. The modules have 6 optically isolated inputs, activated by grounding to the minus pole of the power supply. Outputs are capable of switching 300-500mA (ULN2003A circuit). Suitable not only for fire extinguishers and many other devices that you control with up to 6 buttons and do not want to pull cables. Power supply 6-15V (up to 24V) at standstill 20mA. Price per set 45Euro. These modules have been forced to suggest due to the errors and unreliability of the FLAJZAR modules so far. Example of connection here...
Gears and belts, electromagnetic coupling and pulleys, gearing.
Optical and magnetic sensors for optocouplers, glass fiber sensors.
DC/DC VICOR VI-JW3-CX  24V/100W 15Euro   MELCHER PSR53-7 input 8-80V/ 5V 3A a PSA 5B5-7
Servo power steering FIAT PUNTO II. Refurbished new relay. Price 45Euro. Relay exchange for 35Euro
Relay and Terminal Blocks on DIN Rail. I also have electronic and optical relay LUTZE.
autorádio  SKODA MELODY SKZAZ1  400kč                    Airbag  AUTOLIV CITROEN 550 53 89 00 
Dashboard OPEL ASTRA ZAFIRA VDO 110.008.830 (20Euro)  
FORD 5000RDS Price 20Euro.                                          Radio  SM855CD s CD.

MERCEDES-BENZ AUDIO 5                                         Exterior rear-view mirror HELLA HE 8SB501401-80

                                                                                         MB-Nr: A0018102116 (A 001 810 21 16) Price 80Euro

Philips Renault SCENIC 22DC461/62L 22DC594              NISSAN Almera  PN-1726M. Price 20Euro
NEW GROUND ZERO IRIDIUM  GZIF 6904X. 4-WAY 180W 4ohm. Price 20Euro.
Toroidní transformátory 2x115V/29V-12A 350VA    a      2x115V/ 29V-8A, 12V-5A, 18V-1A, 9V-0.5A ...315VA 
NEW  SIEMENS,TYCO V23072-C1061-A308   
Dashboard RENAULT CLIO II  X65 ADAC EU HdG 21672305-7  P8200261102  NS4059264
Dunkermotoren Germany 24V GR 63x30 Nr 88843 01964


Kamera CCD OSCAR OS-45D, senzory YAMATAKE HPX-H2, ELOBAL 153 270, 100 270,


FE7B-DHA6V-LP3, IXIS VUO35-12N,original autorádio OPEL SC202, CAREL T60 Mod.ME00, ER115-12,

KB Electronics  KBSI-240D, 61351387620, 61358360060483, nová nepoužitá LG MAIN IPS277L IPS237L IPS7L LM13A

61358359031, 6135357068, 61358353569,61351387621, 2xPT100/2 405112335812 -200+600°C,Blue Chip DCM-16 Rev.B

AEG EE118, termostat CAREL PJEZC00000, SAE RC31, 1J0959799Q 500kč,...